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"Bringing amazing gifts and extraordinary spaces, that we are learning  how to hold space for, into different communities, schools, villages while we learn to flow and move on the face of the earth in a harmonized way with the land "

-Jorge Pedret - 



Welcome to Nomadica, You can Explore to see what We are about, Get to know us, and find different possibilities to connect 

Welcome to Nomadica
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What is a Nano-Nation

Nano means one billionth. The term 'nanonation' comes from realizing that seven people, the size of a functional team, is one billionth of Earth's current human population.


A nation can be defined as the cultural-context-space being held by a group of three or more people mutually committed to each other while serving a common purpose. Taken from Possibility management "Nano nation" Website :

Context of Nomadica

We are taking a stand to create transformation spaces around the world in a way that is logistically, economically, and emotionally are sustainable for Nomads.
For collaborating in a non-patriarchal way in a breathing circle and not a Hierarchy.
Expose the low drama story that I am alone, that that is a dead story.
Bringing this work for thousand people.
To allow many people to let go of their material value Ideas and enter into their nonmaterial value.
Commit to the commitment of other people without knowing a lot about them
Develop ways to travel as a group that creates transformation in the world.
Showing ourselves and others that there is a different way to create what we want to create in the world and we are not alone.
Committing to celebrate our legend-making and shift out of I am not good enough.

More about Nomadica Context in our Codex Page


For right now the website is not finished and we haven't shown ourselves here visually. Contact in the next section to join a meeting and get to know us.

Contact us for more question, requests and sharing

Thanks for Connecting. See you there!

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Pirate House

Pirate House

A Pirate House has the Context of Nomadica residing in it, including the rules of engagement.

(read more about the Context on the Codex page)

It is a place for Nomadians and Conscious responsible adults to meet, recharge and connect, on their way to the next place they need to be. 

Pirate Houses are temporary places, sometimes because they are not owned by the person that invites them to stay in them, and sometimes because the invitation itself is temporary. 

In any case, it's a celebration space where a Nomedians can rest, shower, and recharge to take care of their 5 bodies and work.

It is also a space where you can transform, evolve and learn new things about yourself, about being a Nomad and Gaya.

It's about connecting and coming together as Nomadians, and the invitation itself shifts the energy of the world and takes a stand for conscious Nomads to Thrive together.

Each Invite to stay for a certain time in a Pirate house has its own additional rules of engagement and is covered in pre-agreement between the host of the pirate house and the people before they arrive.

For more information about this, ask on the contact page and leave your details.

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